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Are You Ready To Transform?

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Are struggling to attract and retain your dream clients? Do you simply feel like you are hustling backwards or just plain stuck in your business?

I get it! That was once me too. It's time to stop playing small and obtain the things you desire.


Unlocking permanent transformation is learning how to affect positive change. Here I teach you how to get on the fast track to living your best life! When you change your mind, you change your life!

Client Testimonial

Working with Kendall truly has changed my life and most importantly changed my entire thought process for getting the results I desire. I ended this program much more confident than I started. The transformation is real!

Alexandria Purifoy-Ratliff

Manifest the life you desire to live...

Journaling is a very powerful tool. A journal is a great way to keep track of victories, even the seemingly small ones. Over time, viewing your progress and growth will inspire and encourage you.


“ I am” Or two of the most powerful words you can speak. For what you put after them shapes your reality. Whatever follows the two words starts looking for you. What you write shapes and forms your reality. The I Am SUCCESS JOURNAL WILL ALLOW YOU TO FAITH SCRIPT YOUR LIFE by teaching the correct way to journal and actually see what you write manifest in the natural! 

Client Success Stories

Real People, Real Results

"I've completed my second round of coaching with Kendall and it has been worth it!"

 Shavon J., LMHC

I just completed Group Coaching with Kendall. It has been so profound in my life; completely life changing. I have spent so much money in the past trying to figure out how to get to my next. I don’t regret any of those prior classes; however, what I needed was a paradigm shift and a mindset change. I needed to understand what was missing in my thought process. Kendall taught me, demonstrated through her life living, and kept me accountable. You will not regret your next by choosing Kendall T. Johnson.


Tanisha Jackson

Are you ready

to transform your life?

"There's no price I can put on this coaching, you are going to get your money worth!"

Alexandria,  Master Loctician, Faith Coach, &  Educator, 

"I altered my paradigm so that I could become the person I needed to be in order attract the things I needed to attract in my daily life!"

Mia J. Hunt,  Makeup Artist, Educator, and Coach 

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Self control is strength! Right thought is Mastery! Calmness is power!


In my book “I am not my circumstance… I tell my real story of how I was tried, tested, and tried again and again with some of the toughest moments a young girl could ever experience. Although I was tried and tested I came out pure as gold because I kept the faith and at the core of my soul I really desired healing and to be better. 


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