International Hair Stylist|Educator|Motivational Speaker|Author|Fashion Blogger

Kendall T Johnson is an award winning International Master Hairstylist with 20 years of experience. 

Kendall T Johnson took a huge leap of faith in May of 2014 from Texas to Florida. Kendall already had a 6 figure business in Texas but she realized that her extraordinary gift of hair styling was just that...only a gift and not her purpose. 

Kendall T. Johnson


Once she relocated to Florida times got extremely hard but failure was not an option for this powerhouse! Kendall applied what she already knew and went from almost homeless to a 6 figure hair stylist and best selling author in 8 months in a new state where no one had ever heard of her. The year of 2015 she wrote her first book “I AM NOT MY CIRCUMSTANCE”! Within 24 hours the book was number 1 on the Amazon best sellers list. The next year she released the “ I AM SUCCESS JOURNAL” Kendall is now a 3 time best selling author and loves helping people identify their true self worth to live full abundant lives! Kendall now travels globally teaching success principles to hairstylist and women as well as training others how to take charge of their life and create exponential growth in their business. If you are a stylist or entrepreneur and you struggle with getting clients and keeping them, you feel like you are hustling backwards or you feel stuck in your business.


Kendall is here to teach you how to get on the fast track to living your best life! When you change your mind, you change your life! Servicing women from all walks of life and making them feel great through styling their hair or captivating the masses through her motivation...Kendall loves creating a life changing experience so that women feel as good as they look when they leave her presence.